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Pilot project GOL Brazil

GOL – Gateway to your future

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In support to the 2014 Football World Cup, the project GOL was initiated by the Bavarian State Chancellery, to offer socially disadvantaged young people, sustainable career opportunities in German and Brazilian companies in the state of São Paulo (the partner region of Bavaria).

With the growing economy of Brazil, the demand for well-trained workers in the country has increased rapidly. Unfortunately, however, many young people still lack access to quality education and therefore have problems to enter the labor market.

Here is where the project GOL comes in. "Profilers" are trained from organisations interested in supporting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Instructors from companies also learn how to identify and test both the skills and potential of the young participants and how best to support them on their subsequent work placements at the company

Both the company and the young people win in this game: The company is getting to know the young people during the profiling process and internship stage, and can decide whether to offer them a full apprenticeship. The young participants can develop important professional skills during the internship and are provided the opportunity not only of direct work experience, but a possible apprenticeship. Ideally, the young participant finds employment directly after the internship. By participating in the project GOL, companies make a contribution to the social integration of disadvantaged young people, as well as identifying possible staff.

A detailed description of the project can be found in the project flyer Download as PDF-file, 267kb).

Contact: Martin Wahl