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Picture: Technical SeminarsTechnical Seminars

The Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology invites various technical delegations from developing countries to visit the State of Bavaria each year. bfz is delegated the organisation of a number of these study trips. Participants are invited to inform themselves on state-of-the-art technologies and concepts offered by Bavarian companies and institutions, learn about practical and useful applications and establish personal contacts with Bavarian counterparts.

During the technical seminar in Bavaria, participants are offered a tailor-made programme on a specific subject, according to their interest and needs. The group of up to 18 entrepreneurs and experts are welcomed by bfz staff and guided through the programme, accompanied by technical interpreters.

The profound technical programme will be mixed with optional offers to get in touch with Bavaria`s extensive cultural and touristic offerings.

The Ministry covers all programme related costs in Bavaria, with each participant only paying for their flight to and from Germany, and in some cases is asked for a small contribution to the costs of accommodation (max. 60 Euro per day).

In Brazil and Mexico, Bavarian representatives coordinate the communication with the participants and give additional support when needed.

To get in touch with colleagues, companies and institutions in your country, Bavaria and worldwide, please go to the login section.

We would always appreciate it, if you were to keep in touch with us and provide us with information on any successful project you managed to implement as a result of your participation in the technical seminar.

Here you can download the Infoletter 1/2016 (PDF-File, 320kb). This infoletter will be published twice a year. We would appreciate it if you could share with us information about any successful project you have implemented as a result of your participation in the Technical Seminar, which we might then include in a future infoletter.

Contact: Martin Wahl