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How it works

Picture: IntersolarThe Bavarian Ministry establishes in cooperation with bfz an annual programme for the seminars, defining countries and general subjects. The subjects will later be refined according to participants needs and are often linked to important trade fairs in Germany. 

Several months in advance of the scheduled date, bfz and its respective partners in each country (business membership organisations, embassies, consultants and other partners) launch an open invitation to potential companies, institutions and organisations, offering information sessions to present the concept and the potential programme, together with Bavarian representatives or former participants in the countries.

Having registered all interested participants, a final selection will be made, matching the specifications of the seminar with the profile of the candidates, trying to encompass individual interests or participants with the overall concept of a group visit. The final decision on the selection of participants is made by the Ministry or its representatives.

Once the preliminary list of participants is established, bfz starts to draw up a tailor made programme. It is provided to the participants some weeks prior to the date of the visit, allowing them to confirm the assistance and to provide comment.

Participants are asked to organize and pay for their round trip to and from Germany, whilst the entire programme from arrival to departure is organised and accompanied by bfz staff.

During the whole week (8 days/7 nights), the group travels by bus to the programme destinations. Accommodation is normally arranged in standard business hotels in major Bavarian cities.

At the end of the programme, a first evaluation is carried out to receive immediate feedback on the outcome of the seminar. In addition, bfz offers to support the development of initial business contacts made between the participants and their Bavarian counterparts. Additionally, follow-up evaluations are carried out after four weeks.

Apart from this website, a newsletter sent by e-mail offers additional information and news on the programme and its results. In the login area, all participants and Bavarian companies and institutions are invited to get in touch with all involved parties and share information across all borders.

For login details, please contact:

Download: Example of typical seminar programme on renewable energies as a PDF-File, 55kb