International activitities and projects
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Additional projects

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Map Africa
Association consultancy in Mozambique
Vocational education and training in Rwanda
Introduction of training services, Egypt
Modern administration management, South Africa
West Africa - RIFA project
Consultancy activity vocational training, Egypt  



Map Asia
EU project, Bangladesh
Training of specialists in the hotel sector
Consultancy activities for the textiles industry, Pakistan  



Map Europe
Summer Academy
Support for social dialogue in the Czech Republic
Pilot project "Fairnetzt Denken und Handeln"
Pilot project "Globalisierung fairarbeiten"
Pilot project "Globales fairstehen – Lokales fairändern"
Pilot project "FAIRnetzt weltweit"
Pilot project "Globales Lernen FAIRnetzt"
Rural Manager, Romania
Introduction of an internet-supported training programme on the Czech market - BATCOS, Czech Republic  
Trial and introduction of new instruments of labour market policy, Czech Republic  
International team building, Czech Republic  
Support for the economy and employment, Romania  
"Train the trainer" seminars in the area of education and training, Romania  



Map Latin America
Internationalisation of Mexico
Feasibility study of administration management, Brazil  
Training of disseminators in plastic, Mexico