International activitities and projects
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With Mexico, bfz has an intensive and successful partnership that has lasted for more than ten years. Since 1999, there has been cooperation with the employers' associationCentro Empresarial de Jalisco (CEJ) as part of a partnership project funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). There was a significant increase in efficiency in all areas of the association, satellite stations were founded and innovative concepts for the successful support of members were designed and implemented.

In addition to these many years of cooperation, study trips to Germany were organised several times a year for specialists from the Environment and Resource Conservation divisions, to some extent.

Since 2008, CEJ has made its specialist knowledge and experiences available to other employers' organisations too in the context of a partnership project funded by the BMZ in Central America.

On behalf of the Bavarian Ministry of the Economy, bfz has organised regular exchanges and training courses for Mexican professionals and executives in Germany for several years.

Contact: Torsten Schultheß