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Latin America

bfz's involvement in Latin America began in 1997 in Brazil in the context of a partnership project with the clothing industry association SINDIVEST in the North East of the country.

Since then, there have been and are six such projects coordinated by bfz in a total of five countries in the region. This kind of partnership is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) to promote the cooperation of private institutions, such as chambers and associations. By working with such "intermediary organisations", it is possible to reach a large number of small and medium sized enterprises, in particular.

The central themes are the development of industry-related sector units, the organisational development of the institutions and the building up and development of services in the training sector.

Moreover, the concrete economic and professional exchange with German companies and institutions is supported through a number of exchange seminars and study trips. On behalf of the Bavarian Ministry of the Economy and the BMZ, bfz has organized such exchange programmes for various countries in the region for many years.