International activitities and projects
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Since 1997, bfz has conducted partnership projects with the support of the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and SEQUA. Initially with the clothing association SINDIVEST-PE, then with the engineering association SINAENCO-PE in the environmental sector and now with the industrial umbrella organisations in the federal states Pernambuco (FIEPE) and Bahia (FIEB) with 25 trade associations in total.

The latest partnership project supports the central association of the employers' associations in Brazil CACB with projects of Brazilian development cooperation. Here, Brazil cooperates with more than eight countries in Latin America and Africa (known as the anchor land project).

For this, bfz is structuring and developing the International Division of CACB so that the projects of the Brazilian government can be implemented more effectively.

bfz has been carrying out study trips and further training courses for Brazilian specialists and executives in German.

Contact: Martin Wahl