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Foto: Timor LesteTimor Leste

After a history full of changes, Timor Leste (East Timor) in 2002 became the world’s newest independent state. The small country of about 1 million people is located within the Indonesian archipelago and it is one of the poorest nations in Asia. Still, the only significant export product is coffee.
The private sector remains very weak. However, there are a steadily growing number of entrepreneurs who establish themselves in different sectors such as construction, hotels and restaurants and agriculture. In April 2010, the Camâra do Comércio e Industria de Timor Leste (TL-CCI) was founded as the national representative of the country’s private sector. The new chamber was supported by bfz through the joint partnership project "Hamutuk Ita Bele" in its efforts to establish efficient structures. The objective of the project was to turn CCI-TL into a strong representative for the private sector and an expert service provider for the nation’s enterprises. In East Timor, bfz deployed a Brazilian expert with the relevant experience in building Business Membership Organizations in economically weak regions.
The country's economy is still heavily dependent on foreign aid money and government contracts. In the future the private sector needs a strong representation in order to provide its contribution to the development of the country.

Contact: Jens Kayser