International activitities and projects
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Pakistan is the sixth most populated state in the world with 164 million inhabitants (2008). According to current estimates, 16 million people live in the metropolitan region of Karachi, the economic centre of Pakistan.

By far the most important branch of the manufacturing industry is the textiles industry, which contributes over 50 percent to the Gross Domestic Product and exports. However, increasing competition from abroad and increasing demands on quality and ecological production standards in the main import regions in Europe and North America are putting Pakistan's textiles industry under pressure.

bfz has been involved in the region since 2005, and since May 2008 it has organised a long-term partnership project with five associations of the textiles industry in Karachi and Lahore.

bfz supports the country's professional associations in the necessary development of expertise in order to be able to offer the services and consultancy that are urgently needed in the textiles sector. Measures for increasing the economic efficiency and ecological sustainability of small and medium-sized business in the sector are in the foreground here.

Contact: Susanne Ditter