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With approximately 73 million inhabitants and an area of 1,648,195 km2, Iran is one of the 20 most populated and largest countries in the world. The average age is 27. Seventy per cent of the population are under 25. Iran has an employable population of 23.68 million people, but the majority of them have insufficient education and training. However, it is not easy to find work even with a good school or academic education. Unemployment is officially up to 15 percent (as at 2007) According to the Federal Agency for Civic Education, it is unofficially over 50 percent, including concealed unemployment and underemployment.

The majority of the Gross Domestic Product in Iran is traditionally achieved through the rich reserves of crude oil and natural gas. However, the textile industry, agriculture and the production of cement and building materials are already playing an important role today. The tourism industry is to be an additional focus in the future.

Iran has been an important trading partner for Germany for a long time. Thus, in 2007, Germany was the country that exported most goods to Iran, even before China.

Bringing vocational education and training to Iran makes sense, in particular in the area of the tourism industry. On the one hand, a large number of hotels in Iran are currently being built according to western standards in order to make Iran more attractive as a destination. On the other hand, many jobs are being created, especially for young people who need the relevant training according to the western model.

bfz was involved in the practical training of young academics in the hotel industry here in 2008. 125 participants were trained for the largest Persian group of hotels in a three month course. The course was regarded as a model for vocational training in the sector as a result of its practical focus.

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