International activitities and projects
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Foto MozambiqueMozambique

bfz has been active in Mozambique with its international work since 2000. A partnership project was implemented with the Association of Industry, Trade and Agriculture ACIANA in the capital of the province, Nampula, with the support of the Federal Ministery for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) via Sequa gGmbH and was successfully concluded in March 2009. The introduction of sector units, services and training leads to increased membership numbers for ACIANA, as well as to a strengthening of the association and its member companies.

bfz consultants have worked since 2006 on behalf of GTZ/GFA in central Mozambique too on measures for developing the association.

Exchange seminars have been conducted since 2008 for professionals and executives on behalf of the Bavarian Ministry of the Economy.

Contact: Martin Wahl