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International vocational education and training research

The Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training (f-bb), a 100 percent subsidiary of bbw, is participating in the creation of a European labour market and the European focus of vocational education and training through research and the development of concepts. It investigates how the transparency between the vocational education and training systems and the recognition of professional expertise can be increased across borders; it gives advice to politicians, associations and companies on these issues; and it prepares information services for companies, trainees and employers. In pilot projects, the f-bb develops education programmes that can be used transnationally - with digital media too.

With the "European Qualifications Framework" (EQF), the European Commission has passed a European system of reference for the comparison of national qualification frameworks. In parallel to this, a credit transfer system was developed for the assessment and acknowledgement of training stages completed in other countries in Europe: the "European Credit (Transfer) System for Vocational Education and Training" (ECVET). The f-bb supports the implementation of these European initiatives in Germany with its research and consultancy activities. It deals with the issue of how the results of the dual training can be applied in an internationally appropriate way and how the quality of German vocational education and training can be clarified and increased through the competence-based description of learning results.

Contact: Barbara Mohr