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Technical and Management Seminars

Picture: Exchange programmesTechnical and Management Seminars as well as study trips represent excellent instruments to train specialists from developing countries and to build up direct contacts between companies, as well as local authorities, universities, public authorities and other institutions. Specialist advanced training, new personal contacts and the extension of existing networks are the key motives for the participation in such programs.

bfz organises and supports technical and management seminars on behalf of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, foreign public authorities, institutions, associations and educational establishments.
In each case, a program is compiled that is adjusted to the individual interests and requirements of the target groups and clients. In Brazil and Mexico, Bavarian representatives coordinate the communication with the participants and give additional support when needed. The key issues are

Picture: Exchange programmes

Focus countries of work to date are China, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Mongolia, East Timor, Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Poland, Angola, Kenia and Mozambique.
bfz even has an active role in the educational programme "ASA" of InWEnt gGmbH related to development policy.

Contacts: Martin Wahl and Stephan Hamp