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Training to become a master craftsman in China

It is becoming increasingly clear that the management level that bears the responsibility in production is of the utmost importance to the success of many Germany companies. Due to the rapid development of the companies, this group of people is, however, frequently not sufficiently qualified for its managerial function. There are also particular technical and economic requirements, to which these employees have to be introduced.

SBVTC Ltd. has developed a special programme for this that essentially covers the contents of German training courses to become a master craftsman in industry.

In order to respond to the requirements of the companies more specifically, this training is also offered in a modular form. The modules are:

The whole course covers 1,500 hours. It is offered alongside work.

Specific services for individual companies are derived from this general programme, which take particular requirements and possibilities with regards to time into account.

The trainers come predominantly from the professional world or from universities or are freelance experts.

Contacts in Germany: Karlheinz Faller and Volker Falch
Contact in China: Dr. Tido Janssen