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Training of specialists in the hotel sector

Genuine hospitality is the basis for tourism and represents an important branch of the economy - the third largest branch in the world with all its facets.

bfz gGmbH provides practical training in the hotel industry. The target group is university graduates who are made ready for productive employment. In the emerging markets, too much importance is frequently attached to an academic level, without taking into consideration the fact that actual productivity is generated by practical actions. The consequence is high unemployment amongst academic young people. A situation that no country can afford for long. As has been shown, an additional qualification with a strong practical focus is very helpful for securing the entry into employment.

bfz gGmbH also provides relevant content for further training. It is worth eliminating deficits and generally also supporting the processes of change in the respective hotels

There are four main areas of focus for this education and training:

The teachers employed have worked as managers in the hotel industry for a long time, but also have experience of teaching. Some of them have a teaching position at the university of Munich and Salzburg.

Contacts: Karlheinz Faller and Volker Falch