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Global learning

Picture: Global learningKey skills, such as the ability to understand complex structures, empathy and an awareness of responsibility are increasingly important for a successful integration into the employment market. Global learning as an educational cross-sectional task illuminates the increasing complexity in various areas of life, conveys insights into global connections, marks out scope for design and promotes responsible activity for a sustainable development worldwide.

Logo UN DekadeWith the help of a feasibility study, bfz developed projects that integrate contents and methods of Global Learning and Education for a sustainable development more closely into vocational education and training. In the pilot projects Fairnetzt Denken und Handeln (2006-2008), Globalisierung fairarbeiten (2008 - 2010), Globales fairstehen – Lokales fairändern (2010-2012),  FAIRnetzt weltweit (2012-2014) and Globales Lernen FAIRnetzt (2014-2016) employees working with youth people are trained in topics such as world trade, the environment, sustainability and inter-cultural competence. Furthermore, they are enabled to incorporate the contents and methods into their daily work with young people and adults by developing and testing concrete teaching units. Participative methods are in the center of the trainings to promote competences for an active role of the citizens in the process of the construction of a sustainable society.

Contact: Anne Oertel