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Training of sector unit consultants

One of the most important instruments of economic development through employers’ associations are sector units. These consist of employers from a sector who are coordinated and supported by a sector unit consultant (SUC). 15 to 20 employers who meet regularly work on their specific concerns under the guidance of the SUC. These can be the training of the employees, an analysis of the sector or a joint appearance at a trade fair.

The companies set these objectives themselves. The SGC plays a key role in this. He prepares the meetings, chairs them, documents the results and takes care of applications, contacts or missing information on behalf of the unit. The SUCs are selected by bfz and trained in a special training course. The best candidates are selected and recommended to the associations for employment. Successful SUCs further develop to become Managing Directors of the associations or become independent consultants. There are already a number of SUCs who have been able to achieve spectacular successes for their sector unit or their association. It is now no longer possible to think of the successful development of the association without thinking of these SUCs.

Contact: Martin Wahl