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Cooperation exchanges

Cooperation exchanges are important instruments for bringing together small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) from various countries. 80% of the economy in Germany and Bavaria is based on the SMEs. The same is the case in many partner countries.

The leap into international business often represents a risk for SMEs. They can hardly afford failures, but often do not know the language or the method of work in the other country. With the help of cooperation exchanges, contacts are carefully selected and a linguistic barrier is overcome with interpreters to start with until the SME can employ staff who speak the foreign language itself. Moreover, it is possible to find out more about the host country and its economy via a study trip.
Trade fairs are often used for a cooperation exchange.

From planning the trip to creating the programme, selecting the companies and providing interpreter services, bfz provides all the components for a successful cooperation exchange. With its employees with international experience, bfz can also take on the maintenance of contacts after the actual meeting.

Contact: Martin Wahl