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Career Guide: training of employment consultants and agents in China

Picture: ChinaAt the beginning of the nineties, the labour authorities in China faced a massive challenge: several people were seeking work as a result of the structural changes, but the authorities had hardly any experience in dealing with people seeking advice and unemployed people. The employment agencies themselves were completely new institutions, as there had been no unemployment in the planned economy. Thus, bfz gGmbH started a training course which gave an initial group of employment agents from the labour authorities in Shanghai the tools to overcome this challenge.

To date, 2,500 employment consultants and agents have been trained by the bfz gGmbH subsidiary SBVTC Ltd.

The five-stage concept "Career Guide" is tailored to regional requirements and essentially deals with the subjects:

In the context of the development of modern social security systems, as they are found in all developed industrial states, it was important to the management of the city authorities in Shanghai to introduce international standards in this area too.

The concept is also popular in other Chinese provinces. Thus, an initial course was successfully implemented in Chengdu, the capital of the province of Sichuhan.

Contact: Volker Falch